Throwback Thursday: Swans M10, Scrobbling, Jailbroken iPhones, Weezer, Rainbow Treo

5 Years Ago

The Red, White, and Green Screen of Death or How I Resurrected My Palm 700p Treo:
My smartphone decided to go rainbow crazy on me, so I figured out how to make it work again.

4 Years Ago

Swans M10 Review:
I bought some awesome sounding speakers and wrote up a short review. I still have the speakers, and HiVi actually linked to my review from the M10 product page on their site.

3 Years Ago

I Jailbroke my iPhone Solely for Scrobbling:
The best way to scrobble to from an iPhone in 2010

iScrob, a new way to scrobble your iPhone plays to
How to scrobble from an iPhone in 2010 without jailbreaking

No 3G Data After Jailbreaking iPhone:
A quick fix for iPhones that get stuck on Edge after being jailbroken

Rivers Cuomo on Weezer Moving to an Indpendent Label:
Modern Weezer is really different than 90s Weezer

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