NZBMatrix Alternatives

It’s been almost a year since NZBmatrix shut down and as of today there aren’t really any clear successors. NZBmatrix was great because of how well it was curated and the large community of users on the site. Today’s landscape of indexes is a lot different than it was during the reign of NZBmatrix. A multitude of smaller indexes have popped up, most of which are running on newznab. Which means that currently there are a lot of options. Most indexes run on newznab, so you might find that a lot of indexes look mostly the same. Here’s a short list of some you may want to check out.


Roll your own

Maybe you don’t care about the community aspect and just want a dependable index. Since most of the new indexes that have been popping up in the wake of NZBmatrix shutting down run on newznab anyway, you can set up your own index using the same software. Newznab is a web app that can run on Linux, Mac, or Windows. You can find out more here.

Some Other Options

Binsearch – Binsearch is a Usenet search engine. It indexes over 3000 groups, so chances are you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for

Know of any other great options? Tell me about it in the comments.

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