My first bike commute

Today was my first day working in the office. For the past couple of years I’ve worked at home. Sure, working at home has its perks, but I’m glad to be working in an office for a while. Plus, it’s presented the perfect opportunity for me. I can now bike to work. My brother has been very generous and has let me borrow his 1987 Schwinn Tempo. Which is streets ahead (Pierce Community reference) of my current bike, which is a 1998 Giant Farrago that is way too small. I’ve had it since I was 12, so it’s not surprising that I have outgrown it.

I got up this morning earlier than I ever do to so I could bike the 9 miles to work. I made sure to give myself enough time so that I could go at a leisurely pace. I didn’t want to be dripping with sweat when I arrived at the office. There was not a lot of traffic and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning ride. I got to the office and reapplied deodorant and changed into a clean set of clothing. I was changed before almost everybody showed up to work and I don’t think anyone was able to tell that I had biked to work. That was really the only thing I was concerned about. In fact, I didn’t wear a helmet for that very reason. Maybe I’ll have to buzz my hair so it won’t be an issue (don’t count on this happening anytime soon).

The Sigg backpack I wore today to carry my Macbook, clothes, and lunch is incredibly bulky. It’s not very conducive for wearing while biking. I did leave my computer at work, so tomorrow I’m going to be able to use my small Jansport backpack. That should make the ride a lot more comfortable and cool, I hope anyway. I think I will eventually get some kind of messenger bag, but not until I get a new bike. My brother will be wanting his road back bike sooner that I’ll be ready to give it up (I’ve got my eye on a Trek 1.2).

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