iScrob, a new way to scrobble your iPhone plays to (no jailbreak required)

A week ago I wrote about scrobbling iPhone plays to Now there’s a new way to scrobble tracks directly from your iPhone and jailbreaking is unnecessary. iScrob is a music player that can be used as an iPod app replacement. It’s very similar to the way the iPod app works, except that it scrobbles your tracks to as they are played. iScrob is available for free in the App Store as a full featured ad-supported version with a $1.99 In App Purchase to remove the ads.

Iscrobalbumview Iscrobalbumlist

iScrob supports iOS 4 multitasking and will continue to play and scrobble your music while it is in the background.

IscrobBackground IScrobAlbumSimple

[free - iTunes Link]


  • Scrobbles directly from your iPhone to as tracks are played
  • Unlike similar apps, iScrob works like iPod app
  • Includes all of your playlists
  • Works in the background
  • Did I say it scrobbles plays directly from your iPhone?


  • Can’t use iPod app (this one can’t be helped)
  • No way to have iScrob hold on to tracks until you are on have wifi (to save bandwidth & battery)
  • Can take a few seconds to pull in all your music when the app opens
  • Lose Voice Control to choose music to play


If your phone is jailbroken I’d stick with Scrobl, otherwise iScrob is the best way to scrobble plays directly from your iPhone. For other methods, see this article.

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