Automatic 2 is a major disappointment

Automatic 2 400x142

Automatic is a preference pane that has been around for awhile that will watch RSS feeds and download content from the feed items. It’s very useful, especially since it can filter feeds using regular expressions. I found out Automatic 2 had come out as a paid upgrade. Strange, Automatic had always been free. Oh well, it’s useful software and I’m happy to support the developer if it improves on the original. I downloaded, installed it, and was disappointed.


Pros (it’s not all bad):

  • It looks pretty
  • Built in downloading
  • Rules are sorted alphabetically instead of in the order they were added

Cons (but it’s not that good either):

  • Filter in custom feeds is no longer configurable
  • Built in filters cannot be customized in any (including the feed)
  • It costs €14.95 (~$18.99 at the time of this writing)
  • No default feeds; feed URLs have to be reentered for each custom feed

Oh well, Automatic 1 is still available as a free download on the Automatic website.


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