Swans M10 Review

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Now that I have had the opportunity to listen to the Swans M10 for a few hours I am even more impressed. The mid-range is amazing, and the highs are clear, and the M10 has a surprizingly wonderful soundstage. The bass is relatively tight, but I believe that it will become even more so after having some time to burn in. The speakers have a nice warm sound, so while they might not be the best for monitoring they make for very enjoyable listening. They do an especially good job of making lossy recordings sound wonderful. Instead of rambling on any more I will review the effects this had on some of the music I listened to. That’s all that matters anyway, right?

Porcelain by Red Hot Chili Peppers: Immediately I noticed how easily discernible the vocal harmonies were. All the tracks were clearly present and easily discernible. Minimal sibilance issues.

Oh, Atlanta by Alison Krauss: The vocals are crisp and detailed. I am really pleased with the way female vocals sound. The bass line for this song can easily sound muddy, but the sounds coming from the subwoofer are anything but.

C’mon by the Rustic Overtones: This song has a tendency to sound quite muddy because it has a lot going on, but again the Swans M10 shines. No comparison to any of my previous desktop speaker systems. The mids and highs are not too bright and I am still hearing things I haven’t heard before. Prolonged listening is not fatiguing.

Black Hole by She & Him: Nothing new here except Zooey’s voice sounds a little forward. Probably the recording more than anything else.

Pattern Against User by At the Drive-In: This song is an MP3 downloaded from Amazon. I played this because it has always sounded very muddy whether it be through my car stereo or my old bookshelf system. Still muddy, but much better than before. I think this song is just not very compressible.

You’ve Changed by Paula Cole: Vocals sound amazing, which is no surprize. The sweeps sound more like sweeps and less like static like they tended to do on my last speakers. I don’t think the trumpet solo has ever sounded better.

Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase.

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