Year Zero, an Entertaining Critique of the Copyright System

Year Zero is a humorous sci-fi romp in which Earth's first contact with aliens is mired by legal issues due to copyright infringement. If you like »

A Review of the RX100 III, or Why I Bought the RX100m3 Twice

An $800 point shoot camera sounds kind of crazy, but hear me out. I have put a lot of thought into buying the Sony RX100m3. Read »

A Cheap Passive Subwoofer Amplifier

At around $30, the Lepai LP-168HA (buy from Amazon) is a cheap 2.1 amplifier that can function perfectly as a dedicated amp for a subwoofer »

Backwards Guitar Solo from Bluebird by Electric Light Orchestra

I recently acquired ELO's On The Third Day on vinyl, and have had some fun playing Bluebird backwards on my new turntable since it contains a »

A Good Carbon Fiber Brush to Clean Your Vinyl Before Each Play

The AudioQuest LP Anti Static Record Cleaner is a good carbon fiber brush to help remove loose dust and static from your LPs before each play »